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The height of the panel is 2400 mm and the total height is planned as 2500 mm together with the 100 mm baseboard. 100 mm or 250 mm baseboards can be shortened if necessary and can be used on the top or bottom of the panels to complete the assembly on walls of different heights.


Because the edges of the panels are vertical, they can be mounted on wall corners and angular or curved walls. In addition, on these panels glass surfaces with 3 different color options can be used and glass shelves with 10 mm thickness can be installed in between the panels.

Due to the different angles on the surfaces, these panels have sound scattering characteristics for acoustic purposes. In addition, perforated surfaces with 2 alternative diameters and fabric surfaces are also available. Oak, walnut, sycamore and lacquer options are the standard options and the angular panels can be combined and mixed with different fabric surfaces.



FILA Module provides different absorption characteristics for its alternative perforation ratios.

T1 can be used where high absorption is necessary on wall surfaces and to provide optimum reverberation desired for a room. T2 can be used where high absorption is demanded for low to mid frequency range, especially suited for electroacoustic sound reinforcement with music material of dominant low-frequency energy content in such rooms.

T1, T2 and T3 can provide effective sound scattering in between a range of 500 Hz to 8000 Hz due to different sized epths / projections of each module. This will allow even distribution of sound within the room where they applied, and will prevent acoustical defects causing disturbance due to harsh sound reflections, acoustical glare, echo or flutter echo.

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